The WCM LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program is an outpatient psychotherapy treatment program that focuses on the healing of trauma in the LGBTQIA+ population.


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The LGBTQIA+ Trauma program addresses trauma related to:

LGBTQIA Trauma Treatment


"AIDS tore through the gay community - They called men like me, 'the walking wounded'. Survivors. I'd lost nearly everyone I'd known from the early 60's to early 90's. I've since lived isolated, harmed, hurting for 4 decades.

 I’d written Gerard Ilaria, head counselor of the LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program at Weill Cornell Medicine by that night he answered me. I’ve been in treatment this past year. My PTSD has been fixed. This program works. This is something I never thought would happen. My heart is open now. I am now the man I once was before. 

JB, a client.

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The WCM LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program faculty and clinical staff address PTSD and related issues using a three phase approach of stabilization, traumatic memory processing, and reintegration. The Center’s primary treatment modality is EMDR, an evidence based therapeutic intervention with a very high success rate.

Noted author and activist Richie Jackson writes about The WCM LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program in the Advocate.


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We accept Aetna, Trustmark and Empire BC/BS Insurance. We also work with clients who are self-pay or who can use out of network insurance.